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Crème fleurette entière 30% MG Le Gall


Cream (France), milk starters (of which milk)

30% fat crème fleurette full whipping cream

Halfway between a liquid cream and a thick cream, LE GALL whipping cream is lightly matured with selected milk starters to give it a unique texture, no acidity, and with wonderful technical properties for all your cooking recipes.

Produced, like all our products, at the tip of Brittany, it contains no preservatives or thickeners!

An essential ingredient in your kitchen, it can be used hot or cold to make sauces, dishes or even desserts. It is particularly ideal for Chantilly cream because of its high expansion capacity.

It has also been acclaimed by top names in French gastronomy and the Best Workers in France have praised its quality.

So to make sure you’re never lost in the cream aisle again, adopt the Crème Fleurette whipping cream reflex!

A unique recipe that has made the dairy a success for many years!