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We specialise in making churned butter and matured creams.

Philippe Nataf, expert dans la fabrication du beurre de baratte
Fabrication du beurre par un maitre beurrier Le Gall
icone beurre. fabrication du beurre de baratte

Le Gall Master buttermaker

We are the leading manufacturer of butter in churning drums. This traditional manufacturing process involves slowly churning and mixing creams to achieve exceptional results.
At LE GALL dairy, this key production phase is monitored by our Master Buttermakers. It takes many months to master this expertise and acquire the sacrosanct title of Master Buttermaker.
The work of this professional is not limited to following the butter production process on an automated machine. They need to know, smell, taste, anticipate and appreciate the ultimate phase when the butter has finally reached its optimum and will yield up all its aromas.
Above all, it is the work of a true expert who is passionate about their profession, a genuine conductor who is the guarantor of a century-old tradition. The Master Buttermaker is the true architect of our success.
It takes almost 24 hours to make 1 kg of traditional churned butter, whereas it takes almost 1 hour to make 1 kg of industrial butter.
So it is easy to see why LE GALL butters are so highly regarded and sought after by the finest restaurants.

At Maison Le Gall, we’ve been campaigning for a long time for quality cuisine, one that gives priority to taste, authenticity, respect and pleasure. Cooking in line with its time and the desires of each consumer.

Our traditional production process leaves plenty of room for human intervention, and the butter is not churned automatically. It must be adapted to the milk we receive and the seasons… That is why our master buttermakers are so important, because their expertise is essential to the quality of our finished products.

A question of expertise...
And common sense

Our Master Buttermakers and creamers are the ambassadors of this excellence on a daily basis. Their ambition? To please all gourmets, all lovers of authentic flavours, all enthusiasts who like to take the time to cook, for themselves and for their loved ones.

At Maison Le Gall, this culture of good taste has a long history: it’s been at the heart of butter-making and all our products since our company’s creation. A wide range of authentic products developed with passion and patience by our Master Buttermakers and creamers, traditional products, local produce, seasonal products that develop strong aromas and refined flavours, products with meticulous textures for everyday use or festive occasions.


Les 5 sens nécessaires à la fabrication du beurre
The 5 senses needed to make exceptional butter

They are called on throughout the butter-making process, guiding us every step of the way: listening to the sound the butter makes in the churn, smelling its development, spotting the moment when it is ready, capturing that moment when its appearance and colour are perfect, touching it to check its texture as it comes out of the churn. And, of course, a tasting session, to judge the success of a butter whose flavours vary according to the time of year.

Yes, we need time to hone our senses and know how to keep them alert.

Sometimes it’s good to take your time...

If these passionate experts take the time to make their butters and creams using traditional methods, it is because they know that the result will live up to your expectations. They take all the time in the world to create each of these tasty products, so that you can enjoy them whenever you want: on the sly or with the family, for a meal on the go or to celebrate a special occasion.
We want these moments to be a time of pleasure, a time of taste and quality. So we’ll take the time we need to listen to you, meet you, let you taste our products and improve them.
At Maison le Gall, we take the time to establish and build up a lasting relationship of trust with you.

Fabrication du beurre de tradition : un beurre de baratte posé sur une planche près d'une panière de pain
Crème fraiche fleurette Le Gall

The good taste of cream

To get the best butter, you first need to choose the best creams!

That’s why we carefully select and monitor the maturation of our creams. Matured in starters for hours on end, cream is used as the basis for making butter.
It is packaged directly in jars (Crème Fleurette whipping cream) or pots (thick cream) for use as a culinary base. LE GALL creams are particularly appreciated and recognised for their special flavours and technical qualities in cooking. Halfway between a liquid cream and a thick cream, they are lightly matured with selected milk starters to give them a unique texture, no acidity, and with excellent technical properties for all your cooking recipes.

Top names in French gastronomy and the Best Workers in France have praised its quality!

Our manufacturing secrets...

For our crème fleurette whipping cream, we incorporate carefully selected starters before leaving them to mature. This action gives the cream its creaminess and unique texture without giving it the acidity of double cream. Thin and creamy, with an excellent expansion ratio (whipped cream rises quickly), it is versatile and can be used for both pastries and cooking.

For our thick cream, the maturing phase of the starters is a little longer, which gives it a different consistency to the fleurette whipping cream and a slightly stronger flavour.

The LE GALL range of fresh creams features products of choice to make a success of all your pastries and luxury desserts.

Fluffy, thick, light...

At Maison Le Gall, we offer you a range of quality creams, products with carefully crafted textures for everyday or festive use to satisfy the desires of every consumer. A wide range of authentic products developed with passion and patience by our creamers.

Our recipes are guaranteed to contain no colourings or preservatives, and developed in Brittany from the work of our creamers!

Le lait, ingrédient de la fabrication du beurre