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Cream from unpasteurized milk (origin France), lactic starters (of which milk).

Carton jar of Grand Cru unsalted churned butter

Respectful of the taste and respectful of the planet thanks to its 100% recyclable packaging! Thanks to the expertise of our Master Buttermakers and its traditional production process (barrel dam), we have created a premium traditional butter with an authentic taste.
The Le Gall dairy is one of the few companies to master the production of unpasteurised butter. It takes almost 24 hours to make this incomparable recipe with its light hazelnut flavour.
Practical and attractive on the table, enjoy the authentic flavours of our semi-salted butter recipe in resealable packaging.

Le Gall Grand Cru semi-salted churn butter, made from unpasteurised cream, comes in a cardboard butter dish.

Real exceptional butter in cardboard packaging!