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beurre de baratte au sel de guérande le gall

Available in 125g | 250g | 230g carton packs


Pasteurised cream (from France), salt 2.8% (of which 2% Guérande fleur de sel), milk starters (of which milk)

Churned butter with Guérande salt 

Guérande salt churned butter comes from churning: a traditional manufacturing process that respects tradition. Thanks to the expertise of our Master Buttermakers and a selection of the best fresh creams, we have created a traditional premium butter with an authentic taste.

The pasteurised cream is slowly matured for 15 to 18 hours before being churned, to give you an incomparably intense, distinctive taste.

Guérande fleur de sel, rich in trace elements, is made up of white crystals formed on the surface of salt marshes. It is harvested by hand using a wooden bag and drained in the sun.

Use our Guérande salt churned butter in cooking or for your everyday meals, for a unique and delicious taste experience.

Genuine premium traditional butter with an authentic taste!

The combination of traditional butter and the finest salt!