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Le Gall

Traditional dairy since 1923

For a century, the Le Gall traditional dairy has been based in Quimper, right in the heart of Cornouaille.

We specialise in making traditional dairy products: butter, milk and cream. Our 50 employees work every day for the love of a job well done and the desire to foster the excellence of genuine, expertise

carte postale ancienne représentant les allées de Locmaria et la cathédrale de Quimper au début du XXe siecle


Everything you need to know about butter

Unsalted butter or salted butter?

Before Philippe VI de Valois introduced the gabelle tax in 1342, butter was generally salted to improve its conservation. But this tax changed the game, as the French could no longer afford to use salt as a preservative. Result: they all took it out of the butter, except for the Bretons!


Tout savoir sur le beurre sous toutes ses formes : cru, baratté, doux, demi-sel, aux cristaux de sel

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