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Crème fleurette légère 18% MG Le Gall


18% fat pasteurised light cream; milk starters.

18% fat light crème fleurette whipping cream

Halfway between a liquid cream and a thick cream, LE GALL 18% fat light crème fleurette whipping cream is lightly matured with selected milk starters to give it a unique texture, with a low fat content.

With no acidity, and wonderful technical properties for all your cooking recipes, and no preservatives or thickeners, it is made, like all our products, at the tip of Brittany. 

An essential ingredient in your kitchen, it can be used hot or cold to make sauces, dishes or even desserts to add a light, gourmet touch.

So to make sure you’re never lost in the cream aisle again, adopt the Crème Fleurette whipping cream reflex!

LE GALL 18% fat crème fleurette whipping cream is the only one on the market to offer a recipe with 18% fat, completely natural!