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Beurre de baratte aux cristaux de sel de Guérande Le Gall 250g


Heat-treated cream (from France), salt 3% (of which 2% Guérande salt crystals), milk starters.

Grand cru churned butter with salt crystals

Grand cru churned butter with salt crystals is made from unpasteurised cream. Thanks to the expertise of our Master Buttermakers and the traditional production process (barrel churning), we have created a premium traditional butter with an authentic taste.

The Le Gall dairy is one of the few companies to master the production of unpasteurised butter. It takes almost 24 hours to make this incomparable recipe with its light hazelnut flavour.

Guérande salt, rich in trace elements, is made up of white crystals formed on the surface of salt marshes. It is harvested by hand using a wooden bag and drained in the sun.

Genuine exceptional premium traditional butter!